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DoKoLL Welcomes Gambrinus Fellow Prof. Kevin Wong

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Kevin Wong 黃浩文博士 in early June 2024 at DoKoLL. He has been awarded a Gambrinus Fellowship. This Fellwoship program supports guest stays of renowned international scientists at TU Dortmund University.

In addition to visiting a local school to engage with students and teachers, Prof. Wong will be holding two guest lectures open to the public.

Dr. Kevin Wong 黃浩文博士 is an assistant professor and chair of the MA in TESOL program at Pepperdine University. Prof. Wong's research is informed by his biracial, trilingual upbringing in Hong Kong where he was a public elementary/primary school teacher. Now at Pepperdine, he directs the Multilingual, Multiracial, Multicultural Education Research Group, examining raciolinguistic ideologies and identity among students (with a particular interest in multiracial individuals), language learning in ESL/EFL, dual language immersion, digital contexts, and humanizing pedagogies and methodologies in applied linguistics research.

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